Product liability and product safety law

We advise companies throughout the entire life cycle of a product and at all stages of the (supply) chain: from product development to making the product available on the market to product monitoring.

For almost all products there are legal requirements and guidelines to be observed; whether general requirements for consumer products or specific requirements for unique machines for the automotive industry. We support our clients here in complying with labeling obligations, carrying out risk assessment and conformity evaluation procedures, and complying with legal reporting requirements, as well as communicating with the relevant authorities.

In terms of prevention, we help our clients protect themselves for crises by assisting in the development of risk avoidance and product recall strategies as well as the drafting and negotiation of quality assurance agreements with (sub)suppliers.

In crisis situations, we assist our clients with product warnings and product recalls and represent them vis-à-vis market surveillance authorities in complying with reporting obligations; we also help our clients to legally complete the necessary corporate communications.

In product liability disputes, we assist our clients in out-of-court negotiations and represent them in court proceedings.


  • Product Compliance
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Assurance in supply chain
  • Product warning, recall and crisis communication
  • Cost recourse in the supply chain
  • Litigation and recourse disputes

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