Our first goal is to solve conflicts in an economically reasonable way out of court and amicably in the interest of our clients. If, however, a litigious dispute becomes unavoidable, we fight carefully and strategically and with passion for the judicial enforcement of your interests.

In the context of a litigious dispute, we develop a suitable attack and defense strategy together with you and work towards a transparent and efficient litigation-process. We keep you up to date in every phase of the process and actively involve you in the proceedings. We enforce inspection and injunctive relief claims as quickly as possible by means of a temporary injunction or defend against them by filing a protective letter. We conduct oral hearings competently and confidently and prepare ourselves thoroughly for all phases of litigation. The aim of our litigation is always to make it as easy as possible for the court to decide in the interests of our clients.

Key Practice Areas:

  • IP/IT litigation
  • Competition law disputes
  • Compensation litigations
  • Assertion of or defense against warranty claims, claims for wages and salaries or purchase price claims
  • Arbitration

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